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May 13, 2015


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sara curran

I haven't yet seen this movie! Been looking forward to seeing it. My grandfather in law was a vet- we were able to Go back where he served in Hawaii when we were there!


Look forward to watching it!

kathleen taylor

I have not seen this movie yet. I want to. And I planned on purchasing it soon. I was so sad to hear all the anti- American Sniper comments. I support our troops. I thank them every chance I get. My dad was in the Navy. He NEVER told us anything about his time in war. He was very tight lipped. I imagine he did not want to share what he experienced in war. Your review makes me want to watch the movie even more. Thank you.

lori binsfeld

I am looking forward to see this movie.

Nancy Avery

The veterans that I admire most are my father-in-law, who served 38 year in the Navy and dedicated his life to protecting our freedoms. Even when he passed away a few years ago- he insisted that all Memorials go to The Wounded Warrior Project. The second is my brother-in-law, retiring after 30 years in the Army. May 23rd he will leave North Carolina, and ride across America on horseback to raise awareness of the need to help and protect our Veterans. The Ride Across America, is raising funds for the Wounded Warrior Project as well. He has a blog that he will be posting to- it's a pretty cool mission :)

Nancy Avery

The blog link for the Welcome Home Ride Across America is :
It's amazing after 2 tours in Afghanistan and 30 years serving our country- Billy is still serving on his own time and own dime- to honor those veterans who served to protect our homeland! God bless all of our veterans:)

melinda nelson

Great job Dawn!!
I admire anyone willing to put their country and those living here, ahead of their own personal desires and possibly their life. Their selflessness and bravery are beyond compare. I also greatly admire their families, spouses especially, that give so much sacrificially for their country as well. What a gift!

Kim Reid

I admire both my Dad and Father-in-Law who both were in military service! Both hubby and I would love to see this movie, thanks!

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